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Our heroes, Bill and Rover.exe have been running their shop like usual, until they end up caught in a sticky situation... one that has them need to pay off a debt in installments.

Manage your shop, beat viruses, and craft items to pay things off as soon as possible, in this game inspired by Mega Man Battle Network and Recettear!


  • Collect and craft cards to sell, or use to fight against computer viruses!
  • Customize your 5-card loadout to better your chances at victory through drag-and-drop!
  • Tailor how you treat each customer to max out the gains from your sales!
  • Outsource your material-getting to an online shop!
  • Various enemy types!
  • Open-source! See https://github.com/CG-Tespy/TerraNetShopkeepSim

Words from the Devs

"This is an experience-building project a friend and I made with the Unity Game Engine, using the Fungus Asset Package. If you're interested in using that asset package, yourself, perhaps I may be around to help you if you ask for advice at the official Discord: https://discord.gg/99RqraQ

The Slot-based Save System in this game is the one I made for Fungus a while back; I'm especially available to answer questions regarding it, which you can get here: https://github.com/CG-Tespy/Fungus-Slot-based-Save-System

And if you find any bugs in this game, please let me know in the discussion board or on Discord."

                     - CG-Tespy


  • Game Design: CG-Tespy, Vulcan30
  • UI Design: CG-Tespy
  • Programming (battle, UI, etc): CG-Tespy
  • Custom Art: Vulcan30
  • Character Design: Vulcan30
  • Custom Dialogue Font: Cursed Atelier
  • Asset Packages: Fungus Games
  • Game Engine: Unity Technologies
  • Borrowed Assets: Kenney, Capcom, Atlus
  • Music: JFarenheit, Pdkmusic, Atlus


TerraNetDigitalCraftsman.7z 44 MB
TipsAndSuch.docx 13 kB

Install instructions

  • Extract the game using software like WinRAR and 7-Zip
  • Run "TerraNet Digital Craftsman.exe" in the game folder