A downloadable RPG Maker MV Plugin


This plugin is mostly a container for utility code that my other plugins may rely on. Other coders may find parts of the API useful (I've even included a definition file in the download), though rather than a real robust API, it's meant to be a helper for my other plugins. This will likely get updated as I release more plugins.

The source is here: https://github.com/CG-Tespy/CGT_CoreEngine_MV

There may be more up-to-date versions here: https://github.com/CG-Tespy/CGT_CoreEngine_MV/releases

Terms of use 

Free for commercial and non-commercial use. Please make sure to credit me and any of the contributing coders mentioned in the plugin's Help section. 


  • Programming
    • CG-Tespy


CGT_CoreEngine_MV_1.01.06.zip 22 kB

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