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This plugin allows you to have Yanfly Message nametags be drawn with specific pictures of your choice, rather than a window.png. I created this due to a request by Cursed Atelier (the devs of VoidBound).

Changing the background graphic's...

  • Width
  • Height
  • Opacity
  • X Offset
  • Y Offset

There are also Plugin Commands to modify the above, as well as which picture the background graphic is drawn from!

How to Use
See the User Guide included in the download linked to later in this post.

Releases (may be more up-to-date than what's on this page)


RMMV Versions Tested With

  • Non-beta 1.6.2
  • 1.5.1

Terms of use:
Free for commercial and non-commercial use. Please make sure to credit me and any of the contributing coders mentioned in the plugin's Help section.


  • Programming
    • CG-Tespy
  • External MV APIs
    • Fenix Tools Contributors
    • YEP MessageCore Devs
  • Concept
    • Cursed Atelier


CGT_NametagBackground_MV_1.03.03.zip 230 kB

Install instructions

Please refer to the User Guide included in the download for info on using this plugin.

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