A downloadable RPG Maker MV Plugin

This plugin does as the tagline says. The main purpose is to save your players time they'd otherwise spend going through menus, healing their parties the usual way. You might've seen this feature in some games already, like Persona 5! ^^


  • Save your players time 
  • Customize how you want the healing to happen
    • HP only? MP only? Use items or skills? The choice is yours!
  • Very simple to use; just call the Plugin Command for the type of healing you want to happen

The source is here: https://github.com/CG-Tespy/CGT_AutoHeal_MV

More up-to-date versions may be here: https://github.com/CG-Tespy/CGT_AutoHeal_MV/releases/

Terms of Use 

Free for commercial and non-commercial use. Please make sure to credit me and any of the contributing coders mentioned in the plugin's Help section. 


  • Programming
    • CG-Tespy


  • CGT CoreEngine Version 1.01.06 or later

RMMV Versions Tested With

  • 1.5.1
  • 1.6.2 Non-Beta


CGT_AutoHeal_MV_1.01.01.zip 201 kB

Install instructions

Please refer to the User Guide for info on using this plugin.

Development log

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